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This website is devoted to the identification and analysis of key schools and school level best practices. It is an integral part of my larger, original website at

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The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Tac Memorial College Hong Kong

Chengdu / Sichuan - Area and School Project

Majestic Garden Kindergarten - Zhongshan CN

Majestic Garden Primary School - Zhongshan CN

Yangshan High School English Project

Liannan Schools

William Wells Brown

Foshan Experimental Primary School CN - Picture of Welcome Ceremony


Jackson ES Georgia

Clayton County Lead Teachers

Oak Grove ES Atlanta GA

East Chicago Schools

South ES Chicago IL

Townline ES Chicago IL

Dixie Magnet Elementary School Lexington KY

Aptakisic-Tripp School District #102 Illinois

The Atlanta School of Art & Sciences

Westminster School Atlanta GA

The Museum School of Avondale Estates - Atlanta

Naisbitt Elementary School - Gwinett Co - Georgia

Hasty Elementary School

Projects & Programs

20 Schools On The Move Project

Processes & Proven Strategies

Programs & Researched and Widely Known Initiatives

Formative & Summative Assessments

AEMDD 2014 Project

Yuen Yuen Institute Invitational / Character / Interdisciplinary Project

Intentionally 'inviting' special populations - English Language Learners (ELL), Students With Disabilities (SWD, Gifted Students.... Extensions, Correctives, Universal Design & Accommodations

Critical & Creative Thinking, Mental Models and Mindsets

Research On Best Practices

20 Schools On The Move

Invitational Education Toolkit Project - Part A - Fundamentals

Invitational Education Toolkit Project - Part B - IE in the Context of Other Initiatives

Literary Arts - Writing

The Brain & The Mind

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Fundamentally Good Classroom Practices


Mental Health

Mental Health & Crime


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