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Collaborative Development & Teaching of Instructional Lessons (by Teachers....and by Students!)
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Collaborative Analysis of Student Work (by Teachers....and by Students!)
Advanced Arts Integration
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Differentiated Instruction - for students lacking background knowledge or prerequisite skills
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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking (evidence and logic)

Creative Thinking & Creative Problem-Solving

Scientific Thinking

Systems Thinking (Ladder of Inference, Mental Models, Causal Loops)

Abstract Thinking

Deductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning


Aphorisms, Proverbs, Famous Sayings, & Stories

Consider a 'teacher survey' of confidence regarding a listing of key ArtsNow Arts Integration elements.

Consider student portfolios....with presentations as at Alverno College, Expeditionary Presentations (, and or mastery exhibits as in The Essential Schools Model....

Brain - 20% oxygen  2% body mass - so shuts down and wakes up with actions which cross the midline....

Engagement - Brain activated (above), then optimal level of concern.....for administrators and teachers as well as for teachers and students.....

Sarasota Project - Project Elevate aims to increase students academic performance in reading, writing, math and science through arts-integrated instruction at four Title 1 elementary schools in the Sarasota County School District. The schools participating in the grant program are Atwater, Brentwood, Emma E. Booker and Tuttle elementary schools. Funds will help second- through fifth-grade teachers at those schools gain proficiency in developing and providing arts-integrated instruction.

Components of each Professional Learning Module:
Get A Fish / Arts-Based Strategy
Learn To Fish / Arts Integration

Get A Fish / Arts-Based Strategies

Learn To Fish / Arts Integration

Collaboration - analysis of student work / development of instructional units


Introduction of a personal growth resource

Introduction of a professional growth resource

Reflections and Suggestions

Professional Growth Resources

AEMDD Professional Learning Prompts & Modules

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