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Advanced Arts Integration / Special Project   September 2014 - June 2015

DRAFT: Tentative listing of elements for 'Advanced' Arts Integration:Conceptual level of inter and trans-disciplinary learning and teaching, consistent focus on character development including as an end and as a necessary means to higher level standards, teacher collaboration in unit development and analysis of student work, Action Research, Students teaching other students (DRAMA), Power (high leverage) Standards drawn from Common Core (Critical Thinking) and 21st Century Standards (Creative Problem-Solving, High-Quality Human Relationships), Specifically fits with 'Danielson' style Teacher Evaluation Frameworks....more.....?

Sept 26, 2014

Met with Shaun, Ardis, Megin Roebuck, with Principal Les Connolly.

Next steps for now:
Shawn will go ahead and conceptualize and then share her diagram of addressing 'perspective' and 'critical thinking' in BOTH units.
Ardis will review the initial listing of 'strategies' and select and pilot a few as she moves into 'literal and figurative language' in the next few weeks.
Megin will continue with 'color' and start planning for the close work with primary color dots and pointillism.
I will update and send URLs for my webpages, especially one for Oak Grove School - giving some suggested 'strategies' for Ardis to consider as she prepares for teaching literal and figurative language - including using aphorisms and quotes from the famous people she is to teach from the 4th grade standards....
We will link with students and teachers doing similar projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China....


Sept.  23, 2014

Explored possible Kindergarten (Shaun Sudberry) Grade 4 (Ardis Lussier) Peer teaching project focusing on two units, both involving arts integration....(Megin Roebuck?)

 Both units will make use of the Marzano 9 & 41, modified into arts-based strategies, illustrating 'making thinking visible'involving

Similar to planned Hong Kong  Mainland China projects at Creative Primary School (Hong Kong), Majestic Garden Primary and Kindergarten Schools (Zhongshan), and CPE-Club (Chungdu)

Unit 1 - Pointillism / perspective

Research Question:  Can 4th graders create a pointillism paintings of themselves and their shadows using appropriate proportions of primary colors to make actual, non-primary colors, and then teach and assist Kindergarten students to do the same?

K- students talked about career plans and current sports when asked about good advice they had heard.


Unit 2 - Famous Sayings / critical thinking

Research Question:   Can 4th graders learn and demonstrate understanding of literal and metaphorical meaning of famous sayings through writing, drawing, skits,  and then make movies to teach and assist Kindergarten students to do the same?

Ardis - pilot the human paragraph?  Consider the Marzano 9?

Feb 25, 2013
Suggested they explicitly teach the Georgia writing rubric to 4th graders and then pair them with 1st graders to apply the rubric, as part of Academic Service Learning.
Addressed the Human Paragraph and the Vocabulary Dance
And, did FLOW Diagram (Chalenge and Skills) with K - illustrated how The Human Paragraph allows one to control challenge and skill levels DURING instruction.....not only while drafting a unit design.....
Academic Coach can follow up....?
Will work with Shaun to consider the writing samples and video performances of Audra Knight / Poe....
A large % of teachers were very far ahead on the need to link the power of the arts immediatey to rigorous academic standards and to use the arts for more general activation only sparingly.

Key Resources

Strategies:  We will be strengthening Arts-Based Strategies by combining them with the 9 key Marzano strategies, at       (these explain the items in the chart that Ardis copied)

Human Paragraph

I am a Bee


Any from ArtsNow Curriculum Guides

Any from 'Artful Thinking' at

Any from 'Visible Thinking' at

More resources for the Oak Grove Advanced Arts Integration Project

Visible Thinking (Zero, Richhart, Hattie), Critical Thinking (Paul-Elder), Marzano (9/41), TKES (research-based instruction), Georgia Curriculum Standards for Famous People..(George Washington, King George, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, Patrick Henry, James Madison, John Adams....others?), Character Development (Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Caring, Growth Mindset)


4th Grade SS Standards

Kindergarten Social Studies Standards - Information Processing....similarities and differences, chronological order, problems and alternate solutions....

Kindergarten English Language Arts

4th Grade English Language Arts

Fine Arts Standards

Georgia Visual Arts Standards - creates artwork emphasizing one or more elements of art, mixes colors to make new colors...

Pointillism and Primary Colors

Essential Question - "Do I actually have to mix blue and yellow together to get green, or could I just place them side by side?"

About Mrs. Roebuck....."That is why I teach art. Art is a universal language. It helps break up cultural barriers. Most of what we know of past human experiences is due to art. Every aspect of the world affects other parts of the earth. Art demonstrates this because not one thing in art can stand alone. All the principles & elements of design must work together to unify the piece as a whole. This portrays that one cannot stand alone & still be an intergral part of society. I believe that art can prepare a child to become a well-rounded member of society. Artists are the world's thinkers & innovators. If we do not enrich our youth with art who will be our future idealists? The mind only works when it is open. When you learn to express yourself you become more open to the world around you"

600 students k-5.
60% FRL, 40-60% ELL

Student Growth SGP o Growth percentile s range from 1 to 99 Low (1 - 34) Typical (35 - 65) High (66 - 99) SLO o LEA - developed and GaDOE approved o Pre - and post - assessment o Teacher and school leader monitor progress toward target growth Teacher Effectiveness Measure (TEM) Consists of Teacher Assessment on Performance Standards (TAPS) and Student Growth components Student Growth is a lagging data source Students must be enrolled for at least 65% of instructional time Teacher must be employed at least 65% of the school year Minimum number of 15 student measures required General Score Scale: Exemplary, Proficient, Needs Development, Ineffective

Other Resources

The Art Classroom - Edible Color Wheel / Pointillism

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