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Teacher & School Effectiveness
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Collaborative Analysis of Student Work (by Teachers....and by Students!)
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Possible Lessons From Other Endeavors

Moneyball - Long after it was first invented, slugging percentage gained new significance when baseball analysts realized that it combined with on-base percentage (OBP) to form a very good measure of a player's overall offensive production (in fact, OBP + SLG was originally referred to as "production" by baseball writer and statistician Bill James). A predecessor metric was developed by Branch Rickey in 1954. Rickey, in Life magazine, suggested that combining OBP with what he called "extra base power" (EBP) would give a better indicator of player performance than typical Triple Crown (stolen bases, runs batted in, batting average) stats.

Culture or Climate

How might we provide a climate, for our students and teachers, so schooling is like playing a home game?

 How might we prepare our students and teachers to survive, to thrive, in a climate more like playing an away game - for students when support is thin, and for teachers in the current climate of unreasonable high stakes accountability?

How might Invitational Education be as important as the home advantage? - familiar facilities and in front of supportive fans.....Familiar Facilities, Routines and Supportive Teachers and Classmates....a home team can be expected to score 37.29% more goals than the away team....

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