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Current Tentative Plans


- Establish a set time for on-line professional learning with volunteer grade-level teams.

- Work on a lesson / unit 'posting board' to facilitate communication between Specials and Grade Level Instruction

- Check on Dance & Addition & Multiplication Facts

- Work on 'Story Boards' for Beginning / Middle / End for younger students and the 6-panel storyboard for older students.

- Suggest Marzano 'Vocabulary' methods and words (Book)

- Suggest Marzano ESOL (Book)

January 30, 2013

Tentative Agenda Offerings:

Advanced Arts Integration:

Pointillism - / Math / (Black history / Hispanic Heritage

Origami - / Math

Dance and Multiplication Facts

Poems For Two Voices - Marzano Compare & Contrast

ESOL - Marzano and Arts Integration Strategies

Students With Disabilities / Arts Integration / ADHD Strategies


Common Core Standards / Arts Integration / Character Education

Teacher Leadership & Arts Integration / Transformational Teacher Leaders

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Clayborn Knight - Principal

Shavaun Mincy 4th

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