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Collaborative Development & Teaching of Instructional Lessons (by Teachers....and by Students!)
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Collaborative Analysis of Student Work (by Teachers....and by Students!)
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Differentiated Instruction - for students lacking background knowledge or prerequisite skills
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#5 - Activate students as learning resources for other students....By arranging for students to help/teach other students, individualized feedback can be provided to an entire class in the time it would take you to help one student personally.

"Interest-Driven Arts Learning in a Digital Age"

DIGITAL YOUTH NETWORK Learning doesnt stop with the school bell. DYN is a hybrid digital-literacy program that creates opportunities for students to learn both in-school and out. Increasingly, community libraries are becoming popular hangouts for teens eager to use digital tools to create their own music, movies, and more. Working with peers and mentors, theyre redefining how and when learning happens. For a glimpse of a new national model for informal learning focused on teens interests, take a look at YOUmedia, a collaboration between DYN and the Chicago Public Library: HOW TO GET INVOLVED: So far, a dozen sites have been selected as locations where 21st-century learning labs will be built in libraries and museums. The initiative, cosponsored by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, will expand the YOUmedia model of informal learning. Find out more about these projects from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (

Hands-On Learning in a Digital Age

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Aptakisic Schools - Project BASIC Dec 2013 Update - Bob Hudson

Wisdom Thinkers Network believes that stories have the power to change the world, and by reweaving the wisdom of our traditional stories, both sacred and secular, and new understandings into education and public life we will be able to strengthen our social fabric and foster a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society.

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Bob Hudson - Aptakisic School System

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Templeton Foundation - Background Nation Magazine Article

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