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Nov 12, 2012

School visit started with the school song - Beethoven's 9th, sung bu 4-year-olds, next to a bust of Beethoven.  Then the visit simply got even better and better....

Jenny Hu, the principle realistically aimes to make a large difference in the lives of children, and perhaps the world.  She is so realistically idealistic that she is an inspiration.

Mrs. Hu asked me to be an advisor to her and the school as they move to using Invitational Education as their overall 'umbrella' approach to school development and to knit together the four main initiatives of the school:
- Reggio Emillio
- Maria Montessori
- High Scope
- Orff

Ms Hu explained an innovative perspective on these 'programs' which means that in the scheme of Invitational Education they would be viewed as 'processes' and not 'programs' since the school will continue to focus only on the big ideas of each and not address or seek fidelity with regards to detailed strategies of each.

Next Steps:

To honor her request I will seek invitations for Ms. Hu and key staff to attend the next Invitational Education Conference in Orlando, Florida, and for school visits in Pinellas County Schools, Florida (for Character Education) and Atlanta, Georgia (for Arts Integration)

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