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Below are sources or 'banks' of instructional lessons, and, instructional units in various stages of conception, design or completion.  These are intended to assist in the process of developing and implementing engaging, effective instruction. 
My current thinking is that the collaborative development of instructional units might be the most effective professional learning with regard to the improvement of teaching and learning.
This is especially true when combined with the implementation of the units and collaborative study and reflection of the results - including the collaborative analysis of student work.
With the sharing of DRAFT units, the authors are demonstrating an important aspect of professionalism by providing their units for review by others.


Unit Authoring Template.... with Links To Individual Unit Elements

Why Study History?....Why Study Language Arts?...A series of Units designed to help students answer questions about core disciplines....

Featured Unit Author-Thomas Panter, His Featured Unit Bank, and related Achievement Data

Unit Authoring Tools...more

Lesson Bank: K-8 Units growing out of the School Transformation / Character Through The Arts Project

Lesson Bank: K-12 Units growing out of the Character Through The Arts Project

Lesson Bank: National Schools of Character Lesson Plans

Lesson Bank: Kahn Academy

Lesson Bank: NY Times Lesson Plans

Lesson Bank: History Lessons

Other 'Lesson Banks' and Sources of Instructional Units

Math & Reading by Elementary Grade Levels - Power Standards

Bloom's Taxonomy Lesson Plans

Emerging Units


Units in Various Stages, Demonstrating Key Features and Offering Ideas, and 'Inviting' Collaboration

Emerging Unit - The River of Wisdom (Concept: Migration)

Emerging Unit - Education for a Sustainable Future

Emerging Unit - Sun Yat-sen

Susan Hanson Memorial Ignite Guide

Emerging Unit - 'Systems'

Emerging Unit - The Apotheosis of George Washington

Featured Unit - The Wizard of Oz - Hong Kong

Featured Unit - William Grant Still - The Afro-American Symphony - KSU

Thomas Paine

The Uses of Public Land

Emerging Unit - Land Transformation


Emerging Units - American History

Emerging Unit - Sustainability

Emerging Unit - Developing 'Voice'

Emerging Unit - See The Ocean

Emerging Unit - Compare  Magna Carta, US Revolution & Egypt

Historical Anecdotes (Stories)


Neuro-economics - Ultimatum & Dictator Games

More detailed neuro-economics of Ultimatum Game




This web site is designed to support those who are working toward school transformation through teacher leadership, arts integration, and character development.

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