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"Involve Me" Project

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Models For Developing Instructional Units

Understanding by Design

Unit Authoring BLANK Template

4MAT - Lesson Design (Dare To Differentiate)

Learning Focused Schools

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Big link between Arts (imagine the food as a picture in a frame)and Character (delayed gratification) - especially 10:00 to 18:30 Note: this is difficult to start, but worth it...Click on Alan Alda...use Flash...

Reading Facial Expressions: Eyes - Social-Emotional Learning

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Next Generation Science Standards

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We have a concrete experience

Something happens

We engage in reflective observation and create new connections

We watch and reflect

We generate abstract hypotheses

We think about it

We do active testing of hypotheses, have a new concrete experience and a new learning cycle ensues

As we move into action, something happens and the cycle begins again


Arts-Based Instructional Strategies - DRAFT CHART

Contrasting Thoughts / Views / Models

Kinestethic Body Language and Performance

Student, Teacher & Research Views of Student Engagement

Arts-Based Strategies - ADD Accommodations


IncredibleArt - Files

EdExplorer - Sarasota

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